Hi and welcome to Orange it Lovely. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Taña (pronounced just like Tanya).

After a few months of just reading blogs, I thought Hell I always have something to say I should start my own blog. And so I did. I started OiL in 2008, as a place where I could share my inspirations, ideas and projects.  I am so NOT a professional, but I do enjoying how much I am learning along the way and I love to share my wisdom with anyone who will listen.

 A little more about me. I live in Southern New Jersey with my husband Fab, our 2 gorgeous daughters and our "son" Fozzi Bear". The most important people in my life are these 3 - My Family.

My favorite place in the world is my home. It's a place that we fill with love, laughter and walls that are always being painted a different color. It's the place where we can relax, be our silly selves and just spend quality time with the people we care most about. Our home may not be perfect, and that's absolutely perfect to me.  

I hope you enjoy my blog. :-)