Wednesday, August 27, 2008

and they called me anal..

This is sheer genius. A few months ago I decided to color coordinate my book shelves. A few people had said I was little anal for wanting my books shelves to look this organized (and of course, look pretty). Anal? Yes ok, I guess I am anal. I'll admit it. I love organization. It makes me feel safe and in control. My pride is my organized wardrobe, by color of course! I like to think of it as I have a love for colors and I can appreciate these colors even more when its organized! Previously, I had my books by authors, but I think I am developing a liking for books with pretty colorful spines. Hopefully a trend will start with authors publish more colorful covers for their books. Just so we can all achieve this look. How gorgeous is this look?
We are planning on making our "formal" living room (another name for never used) into a library. This pic will definitely be my inspiration!
So go ahead, organized by color! Go color coordinating crazy! I know I will. :P

Image courtesy of chotda's photostream

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