Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fall Trends 2008

Catching up on my Fall 2008 magazines, I've been seeing lots of the trends for the Fall 2008 season. And I gotta say I love it. It all seems to be so "ME"!

Smoky eyes and the dark red pout is going strong for Fall 2008. Seems like with that look, the hair trends are keeping with the classic looks of the '20s and '30s. Low side parts and soft waves. Very classy.

This season also looks like the gypsy/bohemian look is still going, but with a fresh new spin on it. I love that color is still going strong with the purples, blues and browns. Lots of browns out for Fall 2008. Again so ME! So if you have ever wanted to grow in your brows or try blue eyeshadow, this season it is in, so go for it!

Here are a few things that are "in" with makeup Fall 2008:

Bronze Eyeshadow: Bronze was hot for Summer 2008 and its continuing over in to the Fall.

Enhanced Eyebrows: The days of super-skinny eyebrows with a scary high arch are so over, so be prepared to thicken and darken those brows to catch the season's latest trend. This means I need to surf the net for ways to get mine to grow in quickly! Anyone heard that exfoliating them helps them to grow faster? NY spender mentioned this trick and I am curious that it actually works?

Burgundy Lips: This is the one trend I am most crazy about. Again, carrying forward the glamorous '30s look and combining it with a touch of goth. Dark lips are back! Be sure to choose hints of deep burgundy, black, purple and maroon when picking out a shade for the Fall. This is a great color for almost any skin type, and can be balanced with nude eyes and light blush. Please no heavy on the eyes AND a heavy lip.. Please pick one!

Blue Eyeshadow:: Ok this one I am a little afraid of. Some girls will hear blue eyeshadow is in, and will end up looking like Mimi from The Drew Cary show. I will be sure to experiment with this before I post my full opinion. I did post a pic of this look on Eve, and she can pull it off big time! We shall be about me.

Dark Gray Smokey eyes: Again anther trend I am loving.

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