Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm thinking.. no, what about you?

One thing I have never been called is a prude. Well I'm not a complete in-your-face kinda girl, but I am no where near shy either! I would consider myself pretty adventurous with doing different things to my hair also. I love to dye it on a whim. I've been black, blonde, all shades or red, but hair color for my ahem ~pubic hair? This is one thing I can honestly say I have never gotten bored with! Yes I did say actual hair dye for your hey nanny nanny, your vajayjay, your PRIVATES! And here I was thinking that certain things should stay well, yes, private. Like I said, I no am so not a prude, but am I the only one who thinks this is just ... odd? There is a new product that is getting all kinds of buzz. Betty Beauty makes color for the "hair down there." And the company claims to "boldly go where no color has gone before." What do you girls think? Is this total bachelorette gag gift material or would you actually try it? Call me old fashioned but my "crotch" color is for me to know and only my husband, Johnny Depp and after seeing The Dark knight, Christian Bale to find out.

ok the stencils I would do!

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