Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Faces for Dancing with the Stars..

They released the 13 new contestants for Dancing with the Stars. It's exciting, yes I said exciting. I am addicted to the show and not ashamed to admit it. It started way back in Season 1 (yeah Kelly!). It was one of me and my daughters quality times. She has since ditched me but I stayed hooked! I have to admit I did not watch last season though, well because the contestants sucked! This season they seem pretty good. I love that they have Rocco DiSpirito. He is hot and the man can cook. Bonus! Lance Bass will entertaining to say the least. I also like Brooke Burke. The only draw back for me, is having to watch Kim Kardashian and Susan Lucci. They actually have Kim listed as "actress" on her Bio. Please, that's like saying the girls on The Hills are "actresses"! I'm calling Lance Bass as the winner.. ok ok I wont get ahead of myself!
The Season starts Monday, Sept 22nd @ 8pm (7 central).

picture from roccoDiSpirito.com

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