Monday, September 29, 2008

getting out of that rut

There is no hiding that I'm in a rut and need to get dragged out. QUICK! I'll be honest and say that I am in a few ruts actually..

Ok rut 1) hair
Back in May I chopped off 9 inches. I was sick of the time spent styling it. Well it was a good decision, but I've now got no style. With my hair people! It's flat and yuck (yes yuck) and I am not happy with it. I have an appointment Friday night so hopefully it will start the flow of getting out of this rut. I'm not even gonna starting complaining about the color.

rut 2) my jeans
I just cleaned out numerous closets, and they were filled with last years, the year before (and so on) jeans. I fondly call them "my fatass jeans." Please just kill me now. I swore for the past few years that I would not be buying this same freaking size, and guess what? They still fit this year too!!! UGH! Well I have a plan...the secret? It's called STOP fucking EATING!!! I have a doctors appointment on Friday (physical), followed with an appointment with a nutritionist. Man, Friday is a happening day with me huh?

rut 3) the war against wrinkles
I'm pretty anal about my skin care routine, well I was pretty anal about it. Seems like I've been slacking a bit on this war of the skin. My skin is just not cutting it anymore and I am done with it! I'm waging war on it, but just don't know how to WIN?? The other night I was looking in the mirror, dissecting my skin, like I normally do, and saw that my skin still looks good, just not great. There is no glow going on. I need to glow. It's just my nature. I'm a glowing skin kinda girl. I need to restore this skin (the only one I freaking have) to its former glory. The glowing kinda glory.

ok baby steps.

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