Monday, September 22, 2008

huggable hangers in ORANGE!

I went to Target for lunch today to pick up a few things.. rat food (ok she's a hamster but still a rodent), 24-pack of water (on sale this week), and a few other boring things. Guess what they had?? Oh yea I already told you in my title line - ORANGE Huggable hangers!! How exciting is that? Seriously, it's exciting! I consider myself a huggable hanger addict and I am willing to get a support group together for all us CLOSET addicts HA! My closet is filled with tan, black, cream, sage green and baby blue huggable hangers. They just make me happy. Upon inspection of Target's selection, I noticed there was also yellow, purple and hot pink!! Those will be are next. seriously believe the hype with this product. My closet looks stylish and my clothes just look better.

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