Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm a Modernist

Seems like it's what I would like to achieve in my house, the whole uncluttered, minimal look, but the word "modernist" just seems cold?
Here is the description they gave, along with my comments (of course).

As a modernist, you live by the motto that less is more (So TRUE). To you, interiors should be minimal and sparse, not embellished and cluttered (hate clutter). With a focus on color, texture and shape, the bones of a modern space evoke a neutral yet elegant environment. Timeless, white-lacquer walls (don't have a white wall in my house), interesting woods like bamboo and gray oak, and fancy stones like polished limestone and carrara marble add contemporary sophistication. For warmth and interest, you’ve painted a few walls in bold accent colors or hung simple wallpapers made of grass cloth or metallic foils in intimate spaces such as the bedroom and bathroom. To further energize the room, you’ve added geometric touches in rugs and throw pillows and upholstered a few of your mid-century modern favorites in pop colors like indigo blue, apple red and canary yellow (yup bold printed yellow dining room chairs). Organic yet linear accessories such as trees (hold the fakes, please!), coral and orchids complete your design.

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