Friday, September 26, 2008


For the past few days I have been in the process of cleaning out my closets, rubber maid container and boxes of accessories for Fall/Winter 2008-2009. I decided to finally purge this year. So no more holding on to those pants that haven't fit for 2 years, the sweater I hope will come back in season, the purses I just had to have (some with tags still on it). OUT of HERE! So far I have 4 full trash bags with clothes, shoes and purses. Goodwill here I come! Hubby is next, although that has to be done on the sly. He does not like to get rid of anything.
Now I need to replace those things with new things I just have to have. Did you really think I wouldnt? geez. Sweaters are really in now. Sweater vest, cardigans and dresses. It just so happens that I need ALL that stuff. yes, you heard me, need. How cute are these?

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