Friday, September 19, 2008

put away those flipflops

Fall "officially" starts on Monday, Sept 22nd. Time to put away the summer clothes & sandals. You know who you are, the one that thinks it's ok to wear capris and sandals cause its still warm out. No no no!
For the fashion fearless, be prepared. There are a ton of looks for the young this season. Most of us "older" women can't pull this off (so don't try), find pieces that are a more sophisticated look for you. There is nothing worse than seeing a 50 year-old woman with PINK across her ass. Leave the college look to the kids actually in college? mmm ok?

Oh and no more butt cracks. Yes for several years now, low-rise and ultra-low rise jeans were all the style. This year, women will find what's in is high-waisted pants and skirts. You'll see that straight-legs will be a popular style for jeans, but trousers/pants are all about being wide-leg and flared!

How cute will those wide-legged trousers look with another look that's in for the fall.. ruffled blouses! You gotta love this look. I know I will be wearing it. Cardigans, scarfs and sweater vest are also huge this season. I wish I would of took a picture of my daughter this morning, she was rocking an adorable outfit with a cropped sweater vest and matching Chucks.

Of course us fashionistas already know that the colors for fall are jewel and earth tones! Another trend is going green. As in being more eco-conscious when selecting your fabrics this season. Try and buy ethically-made organic cotton t-shirts, Doing this is a great way to support the environment.

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