Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas decorating

I'm so over Thanksgiving already and it isn't even here yet! Bring on the Christmas decorating! How can I not want to jump into it now? Everywhere I look there is Christmas stuff tauting me!! I am already thinking of themes, scouring the internet for ideas and writing them all down. I have my color scheme picked out already ~ yes I am THAT girl. This year's colors will be Silvers and Blues! All kinds of blues ~ pale blue, navy blue, plain old blue and turquoises. I am sure there are other shades of blues but I don't know the names. So now I have a question, am I the only one? Do you decorate with themes too? I know a few of you that go all "Griswold" and I love that.. and a few that just put electric candles in their windows and that's .. well lame, but hey if that's your idea of decorating.. I won't mock it.. MUCH! I am so excited..

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