Thursday, November 20, 2008

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is 1 week away! Can you believe it? This year we are adding a twist to our holiday and the husband and I are going an Eagles game! Crazy I know, but it's actually going to be fun (I hope). Not the freezing my ass off part, but the hanging out at my girl friend's fathers house for an early turkey dinner, then tailgating - all without our girls. It will be weird though ~ No cooking on Thanksgiving. I haven't done that in years. I won't miss a few dishes that seem to circulate at this time of year, like the old-fashioned Green Bean Casserole (GAG!) I can not eat any recipe that is based on canned soups labeled "cream of" anything, I just can't. I started making this healthy version of a Green Bean Casserole a few years ago and guess what, it's hands down 10 times better, and so much healthier than the old way AND everyone that I make this for LOVES it. Normally don't share recipes that are a hit and frequently requested, but ehh it's Thanksgiving, and I'm a giver.

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