Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend wrap up and my carb counting.

I had a pretty great weekend, busy but nice. There was the parade on Friday, you might have heard the Phillies won the World Series? :P Trick or treating on Friday night. Then dinner with my brother (who is visiting from Cali) on Saturday. I miss him so much, so it's nice to just hang out with him, have a glass (0r 2) of wine, a nice dinner made by me (of course) and just laugh. All of which we do in excess! I need to detox from the food and wine consumed this weekend. Sunday was also back to back parties. It's Exhausting..
Sunday's are my "cheat" day. I cheat with my carbs, not crazy, but it's just a way to tell myself "hey, you did good this week, so have a slice of bread" Ever since the doctor told me to cut out the "bad carbs" I've been on a mission to really try and do it. Let's just pray in a week from now I see some kind of result, cause knowing me I will relapse big time!!

I saw this article on good carbs - bad carbs, and I thought I would share.
I printed it out and carry it in my purse and also have a copy on my fridge.
I'm serious here people.

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