Monday, February 16, 2009

Bookcases, Tapas and other stuff

This weekend was a crazy busy weekend.. as usual. Friday night was a trip to the mall where I found my feather headband. I went to Bebe and they had one for $24.99. I decided to check out Charlotte Russe and I found it for $3.99!! Can't beat that! Saturday was Tapas Night at my girlfriend Bobbi's house (clouds in my coffee). It was so much fun. I volunteered to bring 2 dishes and wine. I just can't pass up a chance to cook a new kind of food. I decided to make Albondigas and Patatas Bravas. I also picked up a bottle of Rioja and made Pomegranate Sangria. The sangria was delicious, well so was the wine! I think everything I made was a hit. If you have never been to a tapas party, you must do one. Bobbi and Tony did a wonderful job with the choices of foods and the decor. Everything was delicious! It really was a great time.

The excited renovations being made in my house are the custom made bookcases being added in my living room. The plan is to have this room be our "entertaining" room. This is step one. The hubby and my BIL Steve worked on the bookcases all day Sunday. I am in heaven at the progress. Here are pics of the wall in progress and what the final product should look like. I just have to say, my husband is the most generous man I have ever known. I really mean this. I am one lucky woman.

I already know what this coming weekend plans are... Spackle, primer and painting and I CAN'T Wait!

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