Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eat your veggies!

I love veggies, almost all except for lima beans and okra. My favorite veggies are Brussel Sprouts! Now don't make a face, they are actually quite delicious. Honest! Even my girls love them. Last night I had a hankering for them (probably cause I had them on hand). So along with my steak and sweet potatoes, I roasted brussel sprouts in EVOO and sea salt. Oh man - DELISH! I went to Martha Stewart to see if she had any other delicious recipes for BS, and of course she did. Here are mine from last night and a few pics form Martha's website. If you didn't like them as a kid, try them again, you may be surprised!!

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Jodi said...

I LOVE BRUSSELS SPROUTS!!!!! Those recipes look DELISH.