Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fashion week!

New York's Fashion week is already here! Crazy. The Mercedes -Benz Fashion week starts Friday, Feb. 13th, but check out the other designers that are debuting their Fall 2009 tonight and tomorrow. In my opinion, the 2 best sites to follow the designers are Fashion Week Daily and Love these sites! Seems like the Designers are getting with the hard times and cutting back on after-parties, their guest lists and even saying no to GASP town cars??? How will they ever survive??? One designer's show that I always look forward to is Marc Jacobs. I just love him. How excited was I to read on Beauty and the blog that Francois Nars is going to be the makeup artist for Marc's show!!!!! SO EXCITING!!! I will share pics from the show on Tuesday. I already added a reminder in my Blackberry Curve.

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