Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lipstick love

It's been a little while since I've gotten excited over a red lip. Then I saw Blair Waldorf's ruby lipstick on Monday's episode of Gossip Girl, I was instantly in love. So much so I could not help but think of it the whole time while watching the show and again this morning while applying my makeup. I must find it! I just love this characters style. The hair and makeup are what I love most. While her clothes are stunning, I know they are bit too young for me. The stylists for this show are just amazing! I tried finding a picture of Blair's lips from Mondays episode, but could not find a close up. This was the best I could find. Check out the lips. They are super-shiny, and just the perfect shade of red (not too orangey, not too bluish). I will find out the shade they used but I know that you really do need to try reds on yourself, since your own lip, skin and hair tones can drastically change the color. The hunt is on!!

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