Monday, March 23, 2009

W/E wrap up

I don't know about you but I had a wonderful weekend. Really, it was pretty much perfect. Friday night I met up with Bobbi at Barnes & Noble's for a caramel macchiato and just great conversation. Are you lucky enough to have a friend that just gets you? It's so nice to be myself with someone and know no matter how snobby, silly or anal I am, they just don't care. I am lucky enough to have a few girls in my life that "get me" I am blessed.

Anyhoo.. My day started on Saturday with my weigh-in... ready?? I lost 3.3 pounds! Oh.My.God! I am beyond excited! It started my weekend off right. Hubby and I were kid-less this weekend so we decided to go for a stroll in Haddonfield. We stopped at Starbucks and I had another CM. 2 in 2 days? yikes! We then headed to see "I love you man". Ummm it was cute, but save your money and wait for the DVD. I surprised hubby with a picnic dinner on our living room rug. I wanted to take pics of the spread but I thought he would think I staged it so I could write about it. Not romantic! For dinner I made Weight Watchers oven fried chicken. It was DELICIOUS and only 4 points. I also made baked asparagus with a little sea salt and EVOO. Nice an light. The hubby picked up a chocolate Brownie cake for dessert. Not WW friendly but still he made an effort so I had to try it. Delicious. I had 3 bites then made him take it away from me. We also had a bottle of Tannat (yes the whole bottle). I can not tell you how much I enjoyed this bottle of wine. His aunt sent it to us from Uruguay, and now I am on the hunt to find it here in the States.

Yesterday morning I had all to myself and what did I do with that time? Cleaned, of course. Why on earth should I relax?? :P

I was a little annoyed with myself yesterday. I wasted a small amount of time over something so dumb. I had a few pieces of bread. GASP! Stupid I know, but I was upset with myself for being upset with myself, over something so dumb. Follow?? The hubby stopped at the market and picked up a loaf of Italian bread. It was still warm when he got home. yum! I had to have a small chunk. Then at dinner I had a small slice with my Smart balance butter. I refuse to beat myself up over it. I know I am on track and did not look at it as a set back (I really don't). I just simply enjoyed a few pieces of warm delicious crusty bread. It got me thinking about stuff that I don't want to not do or refuse to forget, so I came up with a little list.

-I can NOT skip breakfast. I noticed I feel better throughout the day when I start off making a good decision.
-I can NOT forget to portion control my foods
-I can NOT forget to write down each thing I ate.
-I can NOT forget to plan my meals for the next day
-I can NOT forget to have fresh fruit and veggies in the house. Makes a world of difference when grabbing a snack.
-I need to look at myself more, not ignore the small changes that are happening with my body and celebrate even the smallest accomplishments.
- I need to remember that this is for me, and me alone.

Remember control. Remember that I have the inner-strength that REALLY wants to take off this weight. Remember to focus on motivation, determination and the drive that I have when I really want something. I know how I am when I am focused on the prize.
I am the prize.

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DayzdKel said...

OMG!!! I am so proud of you!!! 3.3 is incredible. And everything you listed at the end of your post is soooo true. You can do this and it's for you & only YOU!!! You rock!!!