Friday, May 22, 2009


Did you watch the Biggest Loser and wondered what the heck was strapped to all the contestants arms? Well I did. So I googled it and found out about this bad boy - Bodybugg. This nifty (yes I said nifty) little gadget calculates how many calories you are burning by recording your activity level, including just walking to and from your car. It does this by measuring specific information such as your body temperature and your pre-recorded information such as your weight, height, age and so much more. There are two parts: an armband that you wear during all waking hours (except when you’re wet), and a website that tracks the data. The big benefit is that it’s possible, with consistent food logging, to know exactly what your calorie deficit (and expected weight loss) is. So instead of writing my food in the WW log, I would write it all on the website (for an extra monthly fee of course). Something I know that I NEED to keep up with is tracking my points. Accountability is key. See .. I do pay attentions during the meetings!

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