Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Someone has pretty big birthday coming up, yes that someone is me. Honestly I am not stressing over this number (4 OH). I am finally on track with this "getting healthy" thing and that makes me feel good about myself. It also helps that hubby is noticing all my efforts and is VERY appreciative of the changes my body is going through. I get a ton of attention for him (even more so than usually), but I also get a ton of jokes. It's all good. It's waht we do and it works. We joke about everything. So this number is doing nothing for me. I'm over it. The hubby is planning a very very nice night for my birthday. I won't go into many details -yet - because I don't want to jinx it. Lets just say it is EXACTLY what I want for my birthday. One detail I can share is PLACECARDS! Pretty exciting huh? Who would of thought there were so many unique ways to do place cards. I just love the unexpected, a little off the beat and path.

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