Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend wrap up

Did everyone have a wonderful Mother's Day? I hope so cause I sure did! It started with my weigh in on Saturday morning and the 1.2 lb loss. I thought I would not lose at all since I did not exercise at all last week. It was a nice surprise. I am now down 12.5 pounds (in 10 weeks), and let me tell you I feel great! After the weigh in, it was off to NYC I went. I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I had this weekend with my girlfriends. I was a smart girl and packed healthy low point snacks for the weekend (fuji apples, chex mix bars and my favorite smart food popcorn). Combine that with the amount of walking I did, and I am hoping for another loss this week. I will post later about the trip, I was too exhausted to load the pics last night. When I finally did get home last night, I opened the door to see this: Hubby and the girls decorated the room when 1s walk in my house. Not pictured were roses on the floor and cards around them. It was a perfect ending to a truly perfect weekend. It just affirms what I already know, I am blessed with the most wonderful, thoughtful husband and 2 pretty amazing daughters!!

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Joxonu said...

Hey those decorations were my idea! i did all the work! HeHe just kidding, you deserve it for everything you do day in and day out for us...

We love you!