Monday, May 4, 2009

WW weigh-in

I'm a loser, yes I am! Not ashamed to admit it either!!! A weight loss loser!
I was excited on Saturday morning to see that I passed the 10 lb mark (got my ribbon too), but I was also excited to see that I had lost almost 2 pounds in one week! I am officially down 11.5 pounds (in 9 weeks)! While driving my oldest daughter to her SATs testing, I mentioned that today was going to be a GREAT day (I was trying to motivate her) I said that I was going to lose 2 pounds at my meeting, she was going to do great on her test and the sun was going to come out for my girlfriend Bobbi's son's 1st birthday party. I hope I was right on ALL 3, because I almost lost 2 pounds, and the sun DID come out for the party. We shall soon see about the SAT's scores. For some reason this past week had it been a little draining for me. I don't want to blame it all on my period, but I do know that it had something to do with it. I was just tired all week. Maybe it was that combined with the suck ass weather we have been having lately (RAIN)!
At my WW meeting there is a receptionist that is just, well she is not nice. She is a much OLDER woman and honestly just does not give you the motivation that you should be getting while you are doing a weigh in. I don't even know what my losses are when she is handling it. She hands you back your booklet without a wrod. You have to look yourself to see what the weeks results were. Seriously, that's just not right! Tell me "good job" or how about a "way to go"? Nothing! ugh. I don't like when I see that she is going to handle my weigh in, so much so that this week I was prepared to let someone else go ahead of me so I could weigh in with the "happy" lady instead. But I sucked it up and let her weigh me in, and surprise she was actually a little nicer (just a bit). She held on to my record booklet, so that Judy (the leader) would know to hand out my 10lb loss ribbon. I loved that Judy called out a congrats to JAMIE!! lol That's not my name, not even close.. ahh the funny things in life. The meeting this week was all about the importance of tracking. It is so true. I think the reason that I see a loss every week is the fact that I track what I am eating. Now don't get me wrong, I might forget a thing here or there, but I know this is what really helps me. I need to be accountable for what I eat (I know I say this all the time), and tracking does exactly that.
So yeah me for my weight loss this week! I hope this week goes just as well. Although the amount of liquor that was consumed all weekend might not help with this a loss of any kind. That's a whole other story for a whole other posting.
Happy Monday People!

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