Friday, June 12, 2009

I can still pull it off... I hope..

I'll be the first to admit that I have no business blogging about denim. I'm not a savvy denim shopper. I normally buy jeans from The Gap, The Limited, Express, Lucky jeans etc. That's pretty much the extent of my jean purchases. I do own more than 10 pairs of jeans even after I got rid of my BIG jeans, so yes, I am definitely a jean girl. Along comes the destroyed denim trend (again) and I am happy once more. I just love this trend. The hubby has fond memories of our outings together (while just "friends") where I wore jeans with holes in the ass area. Flash forward 13 years and I am shopping for distressed jeans once again. At The Limited, I picked up a pair of boyfriend cuffed crop with a sort of semi-distressed look. Let me tell you these are the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn. They also fit me perfect. After taking that baby step into the distressed jean world, I decided I'm ready (and still young enough) to pull off a little more distress. I'll follow up when I find perfect pair..
Another trend that is going on right now in the denim world is shorts!!! I LOATHE shorts, literally I haven't worn shorts in over 15 years with the exception of gym clothes. So I will not be running out to by a pair of shorts anytime soon, but I do think the trend is kind of cute if you are able to pull it off!

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