Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weekend wrap up

Everything I posted on Friday, actually happened over the weekend. Friday night I got my hair colored and cut. It looks awesome! My bf Dawn did a great job (thanks Dawn)! I gotta say I'm loving going lighter and lighter! The Farmer's Market on Saturday morning was nice. I really do love spending time with my daughters. It's precious time that I just adore. Especially the older they get. Lots of yard work was done on Saturday. My jobs included mostly puttering around the yard and doing decorative stuff. Now the hubby, he really busted his butt this weekend. It looks great out there (thanks honey). We ended the night with homemade mexican food, watermelon martinis, a fire pit and kids roasting marshmallows. Sunday afternoon I took my youngest to the neighborhood pool for it's Open House. It was perfect day for the pool. We are not members and honestly after seeing the clickiness that goes on at the pool, I won't be joining. It's just bizarre... The High Sschool mentality never really ends for some people huh? My FIL came over for dinner on Sunday. Luckily I had the mojito chicken marinating from the night before because we got home from the pool about 2 minutes before he walked in for dinner. I have to say this was a wonderful dish and I will definitely make it again.

I was reading one of my favorite blogs Trim the Fat.. and she happened to mention making one of my fave Trader Joe's meal - Mandarin Orange Chicken. I gave this up while on Weight Watchers, because I never dreamed it would be low points (around 8 points). I'm so happy I get to eat this again. If you have never tried this dish, pick it up. It's THAT delicious!


Desiree said...

love the hair..she did a great job!!

Orange it Lovely said...

thanks Des!