Thursday, July 9, 2009

if I can do it, so can you!

So awhile ago I decided not to buy water bottles anymore. I knew I would have to figure something out for the girls and I to use, since we are all water drinkers. I found my answer at a local HomeGoods. Now we use WaterWeek reusable water bottles. I love them! Aren't they adorable? What I love the most is the material of these reusable plastic bottles. They are made from a material called SAN and are BPA free so you have no leaching of the material into the liquid, which is what makes them reusable, over and over again. A few things I have learned, A. you can not use the same plastic water bottle over and over again (too much bacteria buildup, as well a toxins from BPA leaching ICK!) and B. the least amount of plastic used, the better off we are. Google pictures of landfills that are FILLED with water bottles Do you really want to add to that? These bottles are dishwasher safe, and slim enough to slip over one of those spindle thingies in your dishwasher. I also love that they have a specially designed tray to keep them from being knock over in your fridge. Genius! Hey, it’s a step toward reducing the over 30 million bottles of water that are thrown out everyday. EVERY DAY People!

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