Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Romper room styles

Love 'em or hate 'em, they are (as you may already know) all the rage this summer. While some women are diving into this romper craze, I was not sold on it, that is until I saw them paired with a sexy strappy sandal. Then I started seeing them as stylish and sophisticated, now that's totally different! I started to think hmm maybe I could pull this off this look? The final push was a comment from the hubby saying "you would never wear one of those". That was all I needed.. I just had to have one. Off to The Limited I went. After a thumbs up from the hubby, I picked up this romper. Now let's hope I actually wear it. I am planning on wearing it while at the shore this weekend, high hopes of us going out for drinks. However, be warned, you will look like an idiot if you do not keep it tailored and sophisticated (unless you are 8 and under?). Your romper choice should have some sort of waist gathering or you will run the risk of looking really large in the middle. Don't go for the onesie look (leave those for the kids), but instead chose a romper that looks like two separate pieces. Those are my favorites! Another warning, romper tend to be short, so if your legs are not in best shape, you may want to skip this trend or find a longer legged romper. Exactly what I did since, well I hate shorts.
rompers from bcbgmaxazria; lulus; shopbop

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