Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In the Nude

Excuse me if I don’t get overly excited about some of the latest fall fashion and beauty trends. Everything old is new again. Trendsetters are saying that animal prints will be big for Fall: Did animal prints ever really go out of fashion? Don't even get me started with neon. Really? neon? That's one trend that needs to stay in the past. What's next shoulder pads? Ha! Wait I think I did see those in the Fall fashion shows. crap.
It’s the same way with beauty trends. The August 2009 issue of Allure highlights nude lips with smoky eyes on the runway. This is always a classic look. One I never stopped wearing. For the Fall, makeup artists are advising women to focus on either the lips or the eyes: thus, if you wear a smoky eye, keep lips neutral. Same old, same old. Nothing new here.
Since I am self-proclaimed nude lip junkie (it's a real addiction people) I am always on the hunt for a new nude lipstick. Forget red lipstick, finding a perfect nude lipstick is hard work. Far too many of them contain of grey pigments, which sucks the life out of your skin and makes lips resemble a chalky mess. Unless you’re going for a very stylised look (Bardot or the 60's), it’s much more flattering to mimic the natural shade of your own lips. Try to stay within one or two shades of them. Trust me, I know what I am talking about here. Go for the nudes with pink or apricot tones in it, as opposed to flat looking beiges. Oh and for the love of god, avoid the extremes: matte nudes are very flat and dull looking, and the shimmery frosted finishes should be not be worn,, ever. Save those for the under 18 year olds.. unless of course you are under 18 :)
Check out my latest find, it's addiction worthy!


Anonymous said...

AMEN to everything you said!

Elva R. Creed said...

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