Thursday, September 17, 2009

Recycle - Repurpose - Reuse

I love finding ways to repurpose things. It makes me happy knowing that there is another use for an item I am ready to toss out. Take a empty wine bottle and it's cork. Lord knows that I have a ton of these in my recyclables each month. Did you ever think to do any of these great ideas with them?
Use as bookends: A pair of bottles, with or without the contents, can hold a small library together.
Organize jewelry: Poke stud earrings into a cork and toss it in your travel bag.
Replace a rolling pin: Roll pie crust or pizza dough flat with a wine bottle.
Keep your boots up: Slide bottles into boots when storing them so they keep their shape and stand up straight. GREAT IDEA
Pack party favors: Send dinner guests home with some of your special sauce or cocktail mix in rinsed-out bottles; replace the labels with decals if you like.
Stop scratches: Slice corks into disks and glue them to the bottoms of furniture or heavy pottery to protect delicate floors.

1 comment:

Sarah Giacomarra Schrader said...

like the 'stop scratches' idea, send me your corks since I don't drink very often