Friday, October 16, 2009

Carving it up

This weekend we had plans to take the 10 year old child pumpkin picking and to a Cranberry Festival. Well it looks like the rain is coming through and that will be changing things. Hmmmm maybe I'll get a start on the master bedroom redo instead? Oh I'll just lay on the couch and relax with hot chocolate and my magazines? Hopefully the weather gives us a break to at least make it to pumpkin pick, but I doubt it. I don't know about your family but picking the "perfect" pumpkin is a family tradition in our house. It's actually more of a competition, so is picking the Christmas tree, but I'll save that for a December post. The perfect pumpkin means it has to have a perfect intact stem, and it has to have hardly any flaws. It must be perfect carving material. Yup, I'm that anal. Sounds hard, but it's actually pretty easy. Someone usually finds it in about 10 minutes but I turn a few away so that so the kids have more fun finding the perfect one. I have no idea what this years pumpkin will be carved into. I don't normally know until I find a pumpkin and than the idea comes to me based on the shape. I do have a few ideas "brewing" though.
I'd thought I would share a few of my carved pumpkins from years... fun stuff!!
Have a great weekend - I'm outta here!

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