Friday, October 2, 2009

Yard sale tips!

Sunday, my mom and I are going to try and have a successful yard sale. Here are a few tips that I put together on how to have a successful yard sale. I don't know about you but I get excited over the thought that I am going to make money AND get rid of lots of stuff that's been sitting around the house. Don't you feel the need to purge and have a yard sale of your own??

1. ORGANIZE - Seriously, would you like to shop in a store that's a complete mess? Nope -Not me, so have your tables set up so that everything is grouped together. Meaning keeps books together, jewelry, candle sticks etc. Not all over the place. Big ticket items should be near the road. It's encourages people driving by to stop and check it out.

2. PRICE your merchandise - No one likes to ask for prices. Spend the time labeling them with price tags. If you have a basket filled with books, label that so you don't have to price each book. Also take the time to clean the merchandise.

3. ADVERTISE - If you are having a single home yard sale, make sure you do a little bit of work. Use Craigslists, it's free! Also hang signs up around your area. Make sure that you get the word out about your sale somehow. My ten year old is taking care of that.. I think the whole school knows! Don't forget to put the times on your advertisement. Start early if you can. 8:00 AM seems an ideal time.

4. INVITE people to join you - Why not invite a family or two to join in with your yard sale? You can use different colored price stickers to help you separate your sales from your family's sales.

5. Be PREPARED - Once the yard sale day arrives, it's important to be prepared for your customers’ during the sale. Have an extension cord plugged in at the house or garage so customers can test electrical items. Also a light bulb on hand for lamps. Make sure that you have a well-stocked change box also. Once someone shows interest in a particular item, you don’t want anything to deter them from making their purchase.

Remember to have fun, oh and lots of coffee!

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