Monday, November 9, 2009

Love of all things white

Some of you know me very well, so this may not come as a surprise, I love all things that are white ceramics. I mean lurve!! So far my collection contains ceramic white candles holders (lots), a turtle, various birds, vases, a key tray and decorative white ceramic flowers. But you should see the amount that I have marked as "to buy"! Oh so many things. I found this site Z Gallerie, and man does it make me want to add even MORE to my collection! I especially love white ceramic animals. It's just a thing I have. What? It's adorable. Seriously aren't they CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!! The Rhino and the owl are my faves. I will have those!! And couldn't you picture the crab as a paperweight or sitting on a stack of design books on a desk?

1 comment:

Centsational Girl said...

Gosh, those are lovely. I want those artichokes !