Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why I LOVE Christmas!

10 Reasons why I LOVE Christmas (in no particular order)

1. Spending a night (or 2) with the girls making cookies, brownies and chocolate dipped pretzels.
2. Wishing for snow, and having it come true (I will be careful for what I wish for from now on!)
3. The beauty of our Christmas tree lit up at night. Every year it still amazes me.
4. Planning Christmas breakfast. Its the same casserole every year, but it still makes them happy when they know it's going to be served.
5. Spending Christmas Eve alone with the hubby. We put the kids to bed and spend a few hours reflecting on "us". oh and opening gifts too!
6. Sitting around in our new jammies on Christmas day.
7. Taking the time to realize how very blessed I am.
8. Knowing we are not going anywhere on Christmas day and no one is coming over. It's just us, all day.
9. Seeing the smiles on my girls face when they open their gifts, and knowing if they only got half of what they just opened, they really would be that happy still.
10. Asking the girls why they love Christmas - and hearing them say "because it's just a happy day" - that makes me happy.

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