Friday, December 18, 2009

Our tree and a few of my favorite ornaments

A few of my favorite ornaments.... Do you remember my 10 year old's pinecones? Don't they look gorgeous on the tree?
I made this Glitter Peace sign ornament. I got the idea from the cover of the Pottery Barn catalog. I love how it came out and even gave it to a few of my friends in an ornament exchange. Gosh I hope those girls don't read this blog!! Next week I will show you how I made them!
Our tree - taken with a flash


Anonymous said...

Beautiful job with all of yor holiday decorations!! Looking forward to seeing them in person. Have fun at your holiday party!


Rambling Girl said...

So pretty! Love the peace sign...reminds me when I was teenager and it was popular.

I plan on sharing my tree next week...I have it finish just nothing under it yet.