Thursday, January 21, 2010

Burlap storage box

As promised, here is the handbag storage box I made for my closet makeover. Simple and easy and I mean EASY, but oh so cute!

Empty box (I used a diaper box)
Hot glue gun
Ribbon for trim
Any kind of thick-ish ribbon and of course a label. I made my label with scrap paper and leftover ribbon.
Measure the burlap to fit each side (4 pieces). Even though you are going to cover the seams with ribbon, you want to make sure the burlap overlaps a bit. I did go through about 6 glue sticks, so be prepared for that. I used a lot of glue to ensure that the burlap was secure to the box. And is it ever secure.
Next - run the glue down the seams and glue on the ribbon. I used a nice thick bead of glue the whole way down the box and also inside to make sure it was secure.
One little hint - use a lighter box or a darker burlap. The flash on the camera shows you that the burlap is a little transparent. No big deal for me since it is going in a closet, but if you have your box out in the open you might want to make sure you can't see through it.


In it's new home - My Master Closet

I linked this Super easy project over at Room to Inspire.


Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

I love it. You did a wonderful job. So creative!!!

Lisa said...

You are brilliant! I love this and I have lots of empty diaper boxes.

Room to Inspire said...

This is very creative and oh how I wish I say this just a few months ago - with twins we were going through a ton of diapers! Thanks for linking up to Be Inspired today!


Holly said...

Oh so clever. I love burlap and have plenty of diaper boxes (for now). Great idea...these would be fab for my closet too.

KMfamily ;-) said...

Holly Smokes - thats awesome!!
We all have those big diaper boxes!
Great job.
Gotta go get some burlap!

Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

this is great! we actually keep the dog's toys in an old diaper box, but it's not decorated...maybe it's time to cover up the "pampers" ha!