Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Valentine's Day Again?

Ok I'm going to admit something. I really don't care for Valentine's day. I think it's actually a lame "holiday". And I don't really decorate for it either. I've always been this type of girl. The one that never needed a certain day to have my hubby show me that he loves me. No, I'm not bitter- I just really think it's lame. Maybe it's because I'm blessed with a man that does things to show his love for me almost everyday (insert an AWW). I also don't believe it's necessary that he show his love for me by shelling out $$ for overpriced flowers or a dinner at an overpriced restaurant. Call me crazy. You know what annoys me MOST? Women that expect so much from this ONE day! Ok ok I know - I'll get down from my soapbox.
Last year my girlfriend and her hubby decided to do a Tapas night instead of going out for Valentine's day. THIS idea I LOVE and has now become a tradition (more about that later). When I saw these Mini Valentine Cannoli's, I thought they would be a perfect dessert for our dinner. Mini like a Tapas meal (get it?). I think I will also make these for my girls. They are, of course, my sweethearts every year and for them only, I do Valentine's day. And the hubby is ok with that! :-)


Lil Miss Sunshine said...

Super Cute!

Missy Taplin said...

I hate Valentines day!