Thursday, February 18, 2010

My little Martha Stewart

We have a new baker in the house, and it sure as heck ain't me! It completely amazes me that both my daughters love to bake and I could care less. Crazy! Last Friday night my 11 year old decided that she was old enough to bake a cake on her own. Can you say nervous? I told her that would not help her BUT I would watch from the family room (clear view into the kitchen). Of course I just happened to stroll into the kitchen a few times into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Well she did it! All of it -her own! She even rolled out the fondant and cut it herself (thanks B, this was the best gift EVER). She was in her glory and so proud of herself for doing it. I'm so proud of you A (she reads this blog)! My funny face jokester after I told her to open her eyes more when she smiles!

And her Masterpiece


Desiree said... both should check out sur la table web site a professional chef teaches hands on coookind and baking classes...and some are for kids...she would probably love this...i'm gonna go to a cooking one with hubby in spring (we both love to cook) they have a complete schedule and description of classes on their website!

The Bearded Lady (Laura) said...

There is nothing better than a Momma who lets her little bird fly!! Way to let her do it herself!!

She is very talented and it turned out lovely!!

Jenny said...


Anonymous said...

And it was so tasty too!! Thanks, A.


Lil Miss Sunshine said...

I'm so glad she liked her gift and you guys were able to enjoy it together. All a part of my master plan! ;)