Monday, March 22, 2010

It's all about the molding

Hello and Happy Spring all! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I wanted to share a few pictures of my kitchen. I love my kitchen. I really do. It's not perfect (we have so much more to do) or large (quite small actually), but we made do with what we had to work with and now it's "us" and I love that the most. When I tell you it was ugly, I mean U-G-L-Y! Um the previous owners used drawer liners for wallpaper for Pete's sake. But we saw the potential and forged on to make it our Modern Country Kitchen. Pottery Barn meets flea market! Country Living meets House Beautiful. Well you get where I am going with this. One of the reasons I love my kitchen so much is all the molding that we added. And boy did we add molding. It's a small space with a lot of attitude and the molding gives it that punch that I wanted and now love.
We added pieces of molding and decorative wood embellishments to the top drawers and down the sides so that the drawers under the counters would look like a piece of antique furniture. After the cabinets were painted I added antiquing glaze. Still on our "to do list" is polyurethane the cabinets. It kinda gets old wiping them down all the time. This decorative piece was added over the kitchen sink window. Same technique as the cabinets.
Here is the molding around the window cut out between the kitchen and the dining room. This is the kitchen side. I like that it's a little more ornate then the molding on the dining room side.

Kitchen side
Dining room side

Molding on the doorway leading into the kitchen
We still have so much to do to this room. I would like to still add terracotta tiles, poly the cabinets, replace the sliding glass doors with French doors, add a windowsill to place my herbs, maybe even get a new sink - my list goes on and on. For now this small space makes me happy and I am ok with that!

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Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

It never ends does it! THe molding is gorgeous! Thanks for coming over to my blog and for your sweet comments, really enjoying yours
:) Kristin