Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar review

I'm just going to give a short review on the style that went on last night. The show its self was well.. The Oscar's. Long, sometimes boring, there were a few laughs. All in all, predictable. Here are a few of my faves (not in any order).

Demi Moore - Perfection.. perfect nude color for her, her skin is glowing, the dress is stunning (ruffles were kept to a minimum), hair was loose and gorgeous. Jewelry was perfectly understated!

Rachael McAdams - Sigh.. I love her.. Her dress was gorgeous. The earring were a perfect touch. Simple, classy and youthful!

Sandra Bullock - I know people are saying she looked too stiff, too pale, lipstick was too harsh, BUT I loved her look. I loved the "old Hollywood" style she had going on. Gorgeous!
Just a side note. What was with the ladies hair last night? Anyone ever hear of Frizz Ease? There were some serious messy hair styles going on last night.

Ryan, oh Ryan. You my dear, are perfection!


Anonymous said...

Do you know who the designer was for Demi's dress? I really think she was my favorite last night.

I must also agree with your critique on Ryan Reynolds; he was flawless. Scarlett is one lucky woman!


Desiree said...

i love jennifer lopez too! sandra bullock took it hands down! Mostly good hair there were som bad one's though meryl strep..who the heck did her hair ..awful! I though the make up was a littlr too under stated for such a formal event...everyone was a little too pale, but then again I love the old hollywood glam look aka marilynn monroe! tina fay needed more make up!

Rambling Girl said...

I agree! I loved that Sandra won also...loved the movie. Love ole Hollywood style also...just something about that compared to todays style.

I am like you little to boring in I just You Tubed stuff this morning and watched some of it.