Friday, March 12, 2010

A Spring Wish list for Fashion Friday

Spring is coming and I am getting ready. Lately I've been bookmarking pages in magazines and online of stuff that I just have to have for Spring. It's my "wish list". So I thought of course, that I would share. These are in no particular order of desire, trust me I want them all.
Nude shoes - This trend is huge for the Spring/Summer. This shoe here I just adore! It's casual but an unexpected pop of "color". Classy.
I just realized that the name of the shoe is Matteo. Strange since that's my favorite boys name.. ever!
Shoe from Piperlime

OPI's nail polish in "Pink-a-doodle"

Studded black leather flats
Now you know I will be adding more when Spring actually gets here!


Anonymous said...

The Piperkime shoe is amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

That shoe made me drool!!!!