Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Scenes from this weekend.

This weekend was filled with family (minus 1 daughter), the beach, a pool and a birthday. Here are a few moments that were captured and I wanted to share.
Me and my love (please excuse the no makeup) walking on the pier. And my 11 year old and I taking pics of us (what can I say it was a no makeup weekend)
The daughter getting a tattoo

a cool henna tattoo :-)

My daughter surprising me by buying me a key lime truffle. Oh.my.god - delish!!

And lastly her enjoying a peanut butter chocolate covered pretzel. I love the look on her face and the ferris wheel in the background.

It was a wonderful weekend!!


miss corner cape said...

looks yummy...and after seeing you and hubby, i am not surprised by your "5." you both look pretty badass! glad you're starting your daughter early, lol!

Anonymous said...

The beach agrees with you. You look beautiful without makeup; great pics!


Rambling Girl said...

Fun fun fun! Makeup..chick you sure don't need any! Oh and there for a moment I was wondering why your daughter was not crying with the tattoo but the next pictured explained...ink only...

Great pics!

So sorry I missed your birthday...happy belated!