Friday, July 30, 2010

Fashion Friday - Flowers in my hair

I have been channeling my inner Niecey Nash, but according to my oldest daughter I am too "old" to wear a flower in my hair. wha wha what? When did this happen? Too old to rock  something  fashionable in my hair? I actually think that I look pretty good with this "look" What do you think - too old for this look or I do I rock it? Be honest - I'm ok with your comments (not really but I can pretend). Sorry for the dark pics, I am still getting the hang of my new iphone (woo hoo)!
Check out this adorable Etsy shop that is just filled with flower clips. Shellsbells Accessories

Mental note - Don't ask my 18 year old daughter if I can pull of a "look" anymore :)

Have a wonderful weekend.


Rambling Girl said...

Lookin HOT chic! I think your cute with it the flower in your hair.

Grr, my daughter does the same thing to me....I just tell her wait till her girls are older and they tell her that

joxonu said...

Works for me!!!

the cape on the corner said...

honey, yes of course you can rock that! you've got sass, you've got spunk. rock that flower like it's yard sale day on clean house!

Life in Rehab said...

Girl, I'm gonna be 50 in a couple of months, and I'll have a big peony in my hair tomorrow for out Mexican Stand Off Birthday Bash. Growing older in inevitable; getting old is not!

Kristin said...

I loooove sportin' flowers in my mane too! Yours is gorg! : )

Dee said...

I say Rock It! You look adorable, just don't ask your daughter what she thinks. I'm sure your daughter thinks you are an old lady, but only to her!!