Monday, August 30, 2010

Living in a Museum

My family likes to say they live in a Museum because our house is always clean. But really, it's not that clean. I just fake it very well. I saw this article on Real Simple and I thought, yup that's what I do. I fake a clean house.  It's actually quite simple. What you need to do is look at each room and assess what needs to be cleaned to visually please your eye. Most days I will sweep, neatly stack arrange magazines, fluff pillows and drape blankets. If a room looks messy then you automatically think it's dirty. Am I right? My windows won't always pass the white glove test, but they look nice so you would never know they are only cleaned once a month (if I remember). My kitchen counters do not have clutter on them, the counters are clean, and a towel is hung neatly on the oven door. This is all so you don't look down and see the crumbs on the floor from the kids snacks. Genius? Well I think so.
Read the article.. it has great tips so you can be a faker too.

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Jenny said...

I'm a faker, too. If I can keep clutter at bay (newspapers off the floor, counters, clear, pillows fluffed and in "their spots"), I can fake a clean house too. Hey, I don't mind if you see dust in my house. Just don't write in it.