Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Picking pumpkins out of crates - not fields

Since the oldest child is in the neighboring state for college, we decided this year to go to a pumpkin field near her. She asked to keep the tradition going and I was thrilled because my "baby" still wants to do stuff with us! So it's whatever she wants as long as she wants. Unfortunately, we missed the memo about this particular pumpkin field suffering from floods and there was NO pumpkin for picking, just crates. We didn't realize this until we had already bought the tickets for the hayride. Oh well. We were together and that's all that counted. Oh and the fact that they had some really GREAT pumpkins to choose from was just a plus to the day.
Will you just look at these beauties!
Who knew there were so many types of pumpkins? Peanut pumpkins, cheese pumpkins and Jarrahdale
They had a cool display of carved pumpkins. Cookie monster and The PHILLIES! That's some talent there.
the family on the hayride...
the only field that was not flooded. It's so sad.
The Farmers Market with my favorite Honeycrisp Apples. The oldest went home with those, apple cider donuts and apple cider. She made out like a bandit, but again, so worth it!
My college girl.
Here are the 2 we came home with. How cool is this pumpkin. Yes that is real! No clue on the type.
And this is the one that we will be carving.. once I pick the template.
It was wonderful time with my wonderful family, picking pumpkins out of a crate.

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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

What a wonderful family day!! I love the speckled pumpkin you bought. There was one like that on the Oct. cover of BHG magazine and I wanted one like it so bad. Our local pumpkin stand has lots of kinds of pumpkins, but none like this. Oh well, maybe next year I'll find one.

Popcorn Served Daily said...

I've never seen so many awesome pumpkins. It would very hard to choose just one or two or five for that matter!

Thanks for sharing your day!


Kristy@MyPretties said...

I love family days! I love the pumpkin you picked out! I wish I knew what kind it was.

Gracefully Vintage said...

I LOVE your pictures of the Halloween Pumpkin Farm... What great sights you saw, we have not made it there this year, so sad- SO thanks for sharing the pictures... a new follower , Ill be back to see what your up to..
Love inspiration..