Friday, October 22, 2010

Slow cooker Sunday and a sports filled weekend

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? Or just laying around all weekend? That's fun too.
I have just a few.. and they are all low key. Tomorrow morning I am doing a community yard sale. This is at a local pool's parking lot, so hopefully is draws lots of people. It's different and I hope different means successful. My goal is to take everything out of my house and have nothing come back in. Isn't that every ones goal? Of course I want to make some big bucks, but I'll settle for even a little bucks. I'm really not greedy. Heck, I'll probably be giving stuff away towards the end. Just so it doesn't come back into my car. The day is supposed to be beautiful and my mom is going to keep me company. All pluses. Saturday afternoon I will be on the couch rooting for my Phillies and Sunday is committed to rooting for the Eagles and hopefully another win for the Phillies. See the theme here? Laying around and watching sports! The oldest is supposed to come home for college for a Sunday dinner and she is bringing friends. Slow cooker it is! She requested that I make a roast beef, so I thought to make a Slow cooker potato recipe. Doing the least amount of work is the goal here. Can you say Lazy weekend. Something like this recipe is exactly what I was thinking - Mashed potatoes with cream cheese and sour cream. Roast beef and Mashed Potatoes? Yum.
GO Phillies and Eagles!  Have a wonderful Weekend all!


cleverlyinspired said...

Go Phils!!!! Come post a something at my first linky worried no one will show up to party ;)

cleverlyinspired said...

Thanks girl! You rock!!