Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Winter Nails

This Winter the 'It' colors from OPI Sephora are all about sparkle sparkle sparkle. This dark, but not at all goth color is 212 Sephora. Its actually not really a new color, it's been out for a few months but sold out for awhile. It was pure luck (I was looking for a new red polish) that I stumbled on this color since there were about 5 bottles left. The cashier even mentioned it was one of Sephora's best sellers. this season. I love that it's an odd blackish brown with gold and red glitter. Different oh and it's a limited edition. So if you love it like I do, hurry and get yours! So what do you think of this black without being Goth color? I am loving it. Oh and please don't mind the short nubby nails, I am trying so hard to get them to stay long but they tend to always crack. Any suggestions on a product that can help with that?

This is three coats and the not so great picture is from my iPhone.


Jenny said...

I wish I could wear nail polish like this. I am thankful for my hands, but they are not attractive. Dark polish makes them look older than they really are. So I just enjoy it on others.

OPI makes a great product called "Nail Envy." You can use it as a base coat and a top coat. It's most effective if you apply a top coat daily between manicures.

Rambling Girl said...

I have short nails also and never have found anything to help them but I am sure they have something.
Love the Lexi loves polish now also...she is always wanting to paint her toes and nails. She is such a little Diva.

Michaela said...

Oh my goodness I love this color. I have one very similar, but it's OPI. Nail polish is my favorite!

Amanda @ said...

Very sophisticated! Glitter always scares me... I don't want to wear polish that my kids would wear. I love this one though... I must go grab a bottle!