Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Power of Three

I am sure all you aspire designers are aware of The Rule of 3, but for a newbie like me who is just learning the designing ropes, this is some exciting stuff. It seems the gist of this Rule" (more of a guideline) while designing or accessorizing a space, you use 3 objects or 3 accessories of the same color. My Media Design College daughter was the one tutoring me on this Rule. She suggested that I decide on 3 objects to add to my kitchen, all orange. This "rule" suggests that objects that appear in 3's are generally more appealing and effectively visually, then any of number of objects. What do you think about that? Do you think that there is more balance and symmetry with 3 objects? If you want to see more on this rule, check out this pretty cool blog that explains more.  

The inspiration below is what I was going for in my space. Notice the 3 yellow objects? A yellow painting, the yellow stools and finally the bowl of lemons. 3 Yellow objects. Exactly what my daughter was suggesting. wow she is a genius. You know she gets it all from me. 
My 1st piece of inspiration is my new orange tea kettle. I finally found one that was reasonably priced and perfectly colored at HomeGoods for $19. Who knew they could be so pricey? Then there is a black metal basket that I was already using for fruits. And lastly, a plain old boring white wall clock from Target.

And After
1st the clock. I love how the orange pops against the newly painted walls (Carolina Inn Aqua Club)
I used spray paint from Walmart Krylon's Glossy Pumpkin Orange.  I also applied a little antiquing glaze so it toned the orange down just a bit.  
Next is the metal fruit basket. I didn't do anything to crazy, just good old fashioned spray paint. Again, it just adds a pop of color to this space. Are you seeing the fancy schmancy camera angle below?  Insert Oh's and Ah's here. Annie Liebovitz's has got nothing on me.

I wanted to show the basket with the clock in the background. Now keep in mind my oven is on the other side of the room, so putting the kettle inget the idea that there are 3 orange objects that are in this space. Right? Just nod and say yes.
I'm pretty sure that you are tired of hearing me talk about my kitchen, cause lord knows I am, but it is done,well not DONE done, but done enough. We still have to add molding around the cut out between the kitchen and dining room.  Remember the whole me trying to trying to make my own chevron rug? Can you say Project Failure? I'm just not ready to talk about it. .. yet.  Let's just say that a very fiberous sisal rug, painters tape and a complete goober do not always work well with each other.  Lines don't always.. well line up like you NEED them too.  
Anyhoo I can't wait to finally show you the kitchen. It will be the most anticlimatic reveal EVER and then I will never ever utter a word about it again. Ever.


Brandi said...

You're hilarious Tana! I love hearing about your kitchen and I can't wait for the reveal! Your orange accents look great against your new wall color! Sorry about your rug. On to plan B!

c.w.frosting said...

I have THAT exact clock & have been wondering how to make it look better! I've only heard of the rule of 3 for photography, so will have to try for decorating as well! Sorry about the chevron.


uruguay white life said...

I found your blog about Brandi ;) First, I was just curious, because your husband is from Uruguay. But after I have a little scrolled, I am fascinated by your blog. Sometimes, the tracks are funny, how to find interesting blogs ;)

Of course, I'm your new follower :)

Take care

Amanda @ said...

Aah! I love the orange! That orange basket looks fantastic with the new color!

cecilia said...

Thank you for linking back to Everything in 3s! I love infushion of orange - and think you did a great demonstration here! As for your daughter - the wisdom of uncluttered little minds :)