Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Anthropologie love ~ thru the eyes of a 12 year old

This past weekend I spent some extra quality time with my youngest daughter. Now I know that I don't need to tell you how time flies but it does, it really does. It seems like a yesterday I was showing her how to brush her teeth and this weekend I walked in to the dining room to see this - My little girl was drinking tea and polishing her nails! When did this happen?
I decided to take her to a few places to look for ideas for her bedroom. On the drive Anthropologie, I asked her if it would be ok if we walked around the store and I took pictures of everything that she absolutely loved and then blogged about it. She was game.
As soon as we walked up to the store windows I was informed that me she didn't know how or what the item would be, but something "had to be" painted this color in her new room. She told me to take a picture, so I did. Smart kid, that is one gorgeous color. I might have to steal this idea.
 the back of the window prop. A gorgeous turquoise paint.
Once inside she quickly and I mean quickly, ran to this dress. The "most gorgeous dress she ever saw". I didn't think til later to take a picture of her face when she looked at the price tag. Her expression was priceless.
The next thing on her sights on were these colorful giraffe stacked pots. She suggested that we might use them for her art supplies, TV and itouch remotes or even her flat iron and brushes. Pretty genius of her.
My girl is a budding baker and she went gaga over the cutesy kitchen stuff at Anthropologie... especially these measuring cups. Seeing her get all excited over the baking items gave me a great idea on what to fill her Easter Basket with this year.
And she spied something for her sister, the owl lover. She's so sweet.

Of course while browsing the store, I happen to find a few things that made me say OOHHH.. like this cool orange iron chair.
and Ahhhhh. This gorgeous GORGEOUS mirrored dresser. Sigh. I'll take 2 please.
Like most 12 year old girls, she tends to be a tad dramatic. While I was in another part of the store but still within an ear shot, I heard the loudest gasp, followed by an even louder squeal, then followed by the dreaded "MOM come here QUICK"! Everyone in the store knew that she had found the bed of her dreams! Of course I rushed right over to see what that looked like (insert sarcasm) I walked up ready to ask "why do you have to be so so loud" when I saw her practically laying all over this bed. But do you blame her? It  really is a pretty cool. A funky, fun and so "her" bed. And now it's the inspiration around the design for her room (I hope to see those quilts in the sale room soon). Not too shabby for a 12 year old.

And the last thing my 12 year old just loooooved was this phone. An old fashioned orange rotary phone. 

Adorable. She picked it up pretending to make a call then turned me to and said the words I never thought a kid of mine would mutter. "Mom how go you use this thing, there are no buttons to push". Really?  Can you believe I had to show her how to use a rotary phone? Picture Anne Sullivan teaching Helen Keller.  
Technology really can be a bitch. 

All that window shopping and what did I buy? A small bowl to use a salt holder. 

and I love all $4 of it!


Dee said...

Jersey Girl,

Your daughter has wonderful taste. I hope the bedding goes on sale soon.


Shelby said...

oh man...i could spend all day long in anthro. looks like you girls had a fun day!

Desiree said...

I love this post ...especially her at the table with napkins under everything and a cup of teapolishing her nails! And oh how was i never in this store???????have I been under a rock?

TheSuiteLife said...

Your daughter has great taste! Lovely choices. Loving your blog!