Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blog Love - Mummy Maggie

Ever happen upon a blog and think this is blog is too cute and you want to share it? Well I was lucky enough to find this blog thru a newbie link party and I am ever happy I did. Mummy Maggie Chronicles is a super cute blog filled with gorgeous projects and ton of great design and shopping ideas. The title of her blog alone is adorable. It reminds me of English Chick lit books I love to read! I quickly became a follower once I started to read more of her blog. Maggie, her blog, and her family are all equally adorable. Take a look at some of her projects.

This chevron wall is beyond gorgeous! Can you fall in love with a wall, cause I sure did! How great is her hubby for doing all that work?

Loving her Spring porch redo. That yellow mat is perfect.

Isn't this work area so chic and organized? Seems she has a love for all things white too.

She's in the middle of a dining room redo and I can't wait to see what she did does with it! Trust me when I tell you you must check out her blog.. . and tell her TaƱa sent you!


Shelley said...

That chevron wall is to die for! I'll definitely check her out :D


Mummy Maggie said...

Thanks for the BLOG LOVE Tana! You're the best!

uruguay white life said...

Thank you for sharing. It is really interesting to visit.

I have a very bad conscience that I haven't failed to respond to your mail. But many things have occurred in the last few days, and many decisions were made... ;)

Hugs and besos