Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pretty Piñatas

Summer weather brings backyard parties and what other way to celebrate a party then with a piñata! Who doesn't love a piñata at a party? 
I saw this one over at YHL. Oh so cute. She made it into a pull piñata. Clever AND adorable.
A rose covered piñata (300 paper flowers) A lot of work but just look at how gorgeous it is.
Country Living's June issue featured this Bumble Bee piñata in it. Ahh just too cute!!!  
Hmmm I wonder if my soon to be 19 year old daughter would go for this at her summer party?


Brandi said...

Pretty Pinatas, indeed! if you should decide to make one try using liquid starch for the paper mache paste.

Nicole @ Tradewind Tiaras said...

That beehive is just too cute!!

Ever - The red house by the lake said...

Love the beehive one!

Pinatas hardly exist here in Sweden, but they seem to be very popular in blogland. I hope I get a chance to try to make one at some party in the future.

Mallory said...

These are so cute! I do love the bee hive. My husband's b-day is this week but I'm not sure he'd appreciate it! ;)

Georgia Girl said...

i might make one for lexi's birthday this fall...she loves knocking on those things when she goes to a party