Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weekends + Some Etsy Love

Summer's here and that means our weekends are spent heading to the beach. How perfect is this graphic print bag to use for the weekends.
More importantly how perfect is that jute upholstery tape trim on this bag!

So cute, the perfect bag for summer and the beach.


Brandi said...

oh, how i miss the boardwalk and the food on the boardwalk. have a great weekend.

white life© said...

I have still not found the right beach bag. I think I must sew a bag self ;)


haven said...

L.O.V.E. that bag....!!! Thanks for giving me something else to covet. ;) L.

Georgia Girl said...

woohoo i am going to the beach at the end of the summer so i am so ready to see the clear blue those totes...and yes it is so summer with this heat we have

Shannon said...

We are having some serious "June Gloom" in San Diego so it's been cold at the beach. I hope you are having warm sunny beach weather where you live. I love the beach bag especially the jute upholstery trim. I used the same jute to trim out some pillows on my couch. You can't beat the price. Have a great weekend!